Part III: In which technology continues conspire against me… OK, there is a strip but it’s having a hard time getting to the “Internet”. My DSL went out last night for some unknown reason and so I couldn’t upload it. I no longer have a normal modem (that hasn’t been fragged by power surges) so I couldn’t use AOL on the sly. So I activated the emergency backup plan, dropped the comic on a floppy and carried it to work to upload there. Of course, floppies are notoriously unreliable and there’s some kind of read error in the comic file, even after I checked it out before I left the house.

I’ve called SBC DSL. They are experiencing major Network issues in Tulsa and the surrounding area that they hope to have resolved by 12:45 2:45 pm (as of 10:30 am) so we might be able to get you new comic goodness by this afternoon. I just knew I should’ve put the file on my MP3 player instead of the floppy, but that would’ve meant fetching it from the truck. Gah.

Don’t go looking for parts I and II. They don’t exist.