Tastes Great, Less Filling. From the updated comic strips, y’all can probably tell I made it back from Mardi Gras more or less intact. My tolerance for alcohol is temporarily enhanced and my ability to finish a comic strip before midnight on a work night is diminished. (Hopefully temporarily as well.) Note: Due to space constraints it’s hard to tell that Marlowe is discovering the joys of eBay, but that’s what he’s doing. Kudos to Pelts for consistently delivering the funny. The lionshare of the punchlines are his.

It’s been a movie marathon weekend. I finally watched Old School (not bad, but not as good as my expectations), Lost In Translation (definitely Oscar worthy), Swimming Pool (Eurotrashy B.S.) and the newly released Broken Lizard’s Club Dread! Man, what awesome movie! Go watch this immediately! If you haven’t seen Super Troopers, pick it up at your video shop and watch it too. Looks like Lord of the Rings pulled in a crapload of Oscars. Deservedly. Fantastic stuff!

I think you mean PinaColadaBurg.