that we are on some sort of schedule with the Monkey Project comics. Well, guess again! We are only casting the appearance of a regular sort of schedule and even that is precarious. I’ve not set any sort of goals with regards to frequency of updates or set any expectations that can’t be broken by things like a trip to Mardi Gras or anything out of the blue that may take precedence over doodling. That said, I’m hoping to have a Friday comic this week, two comics out next week on Monday and Wednesday, and a Friday comic if not a Wednesday comic the week after (depending on traffic and travel plans). As far as March goes, it’s a total crap shoot.

Again, the comic raises questions of fundamental morality: Did Cap’n Grey Goose pass the flight test? If not, why? Who is Decky and why does he look like Pelts? How many times has Felicia’s arcade been invaded by costumed interlopers? Does Paul have anything but black T-shirts in his wardrobe? How will Marlowe escape detection by the Dynamic Duo?

the plot thickens