I’ve decided to forego my caffeine free lifestyle and again start using the wonder drink known as coffee to help me not go to sleep and leave y’all without a comic strip. I’ve gained a crapload of weight this year, probably from taking in too many calories late nights to make strips in the first half of the year and now I’m sluggish from all the fat. Caffeine is my only alternative to provide you, my viewing audience, with fresh strippage, maintain my workload and pursue a slimmer, more svelte physique.

As for today’s strip, it was literally weeks in the making. Until I started back on the caffeine this week, it sat there screaming to be finished while I dozed off. In the middle panel the “BANG” sounds are Woody and his buddies trying to force open the front doors (not gunshots) and Paul is bracing the game against the doors. Much of the art was lost when the lettering went in. In the last panel, I snuck in the original cast of Goats and Dean from Liberty Meadows.

I only pray I don’t get sued.