Okay, so I was wrong about the hangover jokes. Instead, we decided to get back to action and drama, which is what this strip is all about. No, really, we originally wanted the strip to be the ongoing stories of Son Marlowekou, a brave monkey warrior who wanders the countryside battling evil in highly stylized fights with all sorts of insanely powerful villains, all with the help of his friend Paul Yuy and his giant fighting robot. But we kind of fell into a lazy rut with all the video game and bar jokes, so we scrapped the whole “kung-fu monkey” angle. Maybe someday we’ll get around to making that strip. That would rule.

Speaking of things that rule, singer/songwriter, local rock god, and FOMP (Friend O’ Monkey Project) Travis Kidd is performing tonight on the deck at Hooters (61st & Memorial). If you enjoy music and/or chicken wings, you owe it to yourself to come by. Also, Travis has a standing gig every Tuesday night at the Gray Snail Saloon (which is the inspiration for the Lazy Mallard, BTW), for those of you who prefer your rocking to come with walls and air conditioning.

Now you know…and knowing is half the battle.