You were thinking that we’d go with a Kill Bill Vol. 2 joke today, right? Sure, we could have done that, like every other webcomic out there, but we roll a little different around here. We kicks it old-school, you dig? Which is why we instead went with a Kill Bill Vol. 1 reference. Plus, we threw in an Evil Dead/Sam Raimi tribute, just because we can. You only THINK you know what we’re up to, suckas.

Meanwhile, in “Comics Besides This One” news, Gary Trudeau has apparently decided that B.D. needs a battle scar, and will be losing his leg in an attack this week. Great. Now I’m even more opposed to the war in Iraq than I was before. Do I really have to wait until November to vote for John Kerry? I wanna get it over with, just in case I’m busy that day and forget.

Also, I have written more words over on this part of the site that you may find more or less entertaining than these. Enjoy!

It WAS a Hattori Hanzo sword